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hi guys it's pupinia this is my first blog post. 



iI love being a blogger.... but something love more than blogging is browsing /pol/ and coding online... 


what is /Pol/?

Pol is a
relaly cool site on 4chan where people complain about black people and women's rights... pretty cool right? and the best part is the people on there are ust like me... they live in their parents house... its a little silly tho bc they are in their thirties... haha silly boys... but that doesn't matter what's impoartant is that they're super confident people.. they always talk about how their personality types from the myers-brigg test are super rare.. pretty cool huh!?? most of them say they're intjs or something.. that means they're super smart but hate people basically.. kinda sad but it's okay because they're super cool online.


i talked to this guy on /pol/ once and his name was fredrick... he was 38 and he said i looked like a sexy anime girl... i really thoguht that was goofy but i said thanks! thank u fredrick


anyways.... that's my first blog
i hope u liked it.post


pupinia stewart






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